Book launch event: “Cyber-subject”

On January 31 the book of Dr. Ilana Rosen-Beer  “Cyber-subject – Culture and Consumption in Modern Society” (Resling, 2018) will be launched in Pyramida.

Ilana Rosen-Beer’s Cyber-Subject is a critical and comprehensive philosophical journey that traces the changes that have taken place in the status of the subject in modernism, postmodernism, and the digital age.

In the process of transformation, the subject resurrects in the form of the cyber-subject. This new entity, which appears on the map of history, the cyber-subject, exhibits sophisticated abilities in layered hyperactivity and possesses powers greater than anything we could wish for. This requires us, the author argues, to formulate a new conceptualization system that will suit the new stage. Rosen-Beer shows how distributed digital culture and perceptions of the self and the prevailing world are formed into a unified collective entity, a collective autonomous cyber-subject. Thus, the longed-for emancipation and the intention to transcendence, all those hopes that were disappointed and collapsed in the modern and postmodern era, have come true, albeit in a completely different way than expected, through the universal virtual system.

Panelists: Dr. Itzhak Benyamini (Bar Ilan University and Resling publishing house), Dr. Yotam Hotam (Haifa University), Dr. Gabi Barzel (Author), Dr. Avi Rosen (Technion I.I.T.)

31/1/2019 // 19:00 // Admission is free