The “Tav” Group

pyramida, Courtesy of “Tav” group

The “Tav” group was founded by artists and architects in 1987, and its members are: Maoz Alon, Amir Erez, Elias Chouri, Yoav Triphon, Na’ama Sivan and Dahlia Kremer. Tav was chosen to redesign and renovate the Pyramid buildings while conserving the form of the original building from the 1950’s and 1960’s when it functioned as the “Ahiezer” school in Haifa’s Wadi Salib neighborhood. During the planning stages of the renovation emphasis was given to original features of the structure, such as the exposed concrete skeleton of the building, or the columns and the floors characteristic of buildings in Israel in the 1950’s. The Tav Group’s design responds to the challenge of a structure that serves as a center for arts, workshops and exhibition spaces. These have been planned in such a way that they interact with one another.

During the planning stages, great consideration was given to the building’s relationship to its surroundings. In this way, for instance, the entrance concourse was planned to face the main axis of the Wadi Salib neighborhood. Access routes to Pyramida blend in with access for pedestrians walking through the neighborhood; in the actual building windows were opened onto thoroughfares and staircases give on to views of the hillside and the port. The design of the building was planned in tiers to make optimum use of the topography to create generous terraces facing the surrounding landscape, facilitating a range of activities and exhibits. In the building the use of natural light in the gallery spaces was given high priority


The newly renovated Pyramida building – the Contemporary Arts Center in Haifa, was opened in 2018. The renovation and conservation of the structure is part of the urban blueprint for the development of a residential, cultural and entertainment enclave in this area. The group of artists and architects known as the “Tav” group took upon itself the project’s design and conservation for the Pyramida building in 2011, and it was completed in 2016. The Haifa-based architectural firm of Greenstein Har-Gil, which was established by Dafna Greenstein and Gil Har-Gil in 1988, planned the site’s landscaping, which includes a natural open amphitheater and tiered access routes on the site’s steep incline.

Today, Pyramida is a contemporary arts center which includes studio spaces   for artists as well as areas for lectures, events and exhibitions.