Meet the Artist Inside the Box – rabia salfiti (26.9)


“The Man Inside This Box,” rabia salfiti, a performance in the Pyramida

In the framework of Pyramida Platform events that took place last July, artist rabia salfiti (co-founder of Manjm Gallery) presented the performance “The Man Inside This Box” at the entrance to the Pyramida building. The artist closed himself in a 2.5-by-2.5-meter room he had built for seven days and nights, from the opening night of the exhibition What Is Pyramida Doing Here? until 26.7. He did not leave the room, sleeping in it and feeding only on the food the audience provided him through a small door.

salfiti also did not communicate by any means other than a computer placed outside the box, through which the public could send messages, but he could not respond back. Two windows were placed in the structure, allowing viewers to watch the artist, who spent an entire week inside it. The roof of the structure remains open. Throughout this week, the artist only ate and drank what was provided to him by the viewers. The audience could play music or video clips for the artist via a computer set up outside the box and watch the artworks accumulated in the box during the week.

As part of Urban Action events, rabia salfiti will come to the Pyramida for an open conversation about the performance, screening of performance documentation footage and more.

Wednesday 26.9 at 17:00 // Pyramida Café // Free Admission