Premiere Screening: “The Parade” // Afula Cultural Movement at the Pyramida (25.9)

Afula like you have never seen it before: Pyramida is happy to host the premiere of the film “The Parade” (30 minutes) by Oz Zloof, which offers a different angle on Afula 2018. Wild characters, artworks, confessions and secret desires are exposed during daily strolling through side streets on a hot summer day in Afula.

Oz Zloof, an interdisciplinary artist, lives and works in Afula. He is a founding member of Afula Cultural Movement, composed of artist groups working across Israel, with an emphasis on the periphery, for the foundation of cultural institutions and initiatives in the community.

“13 years ago, we started working in the periphery, setting up community art institutions with the residents in order to create a local culture policy that does not depend on the government’s culture policy or the mood of the municipality,” he explains. “We believe that culture and art are the basic right of every human being and we are working to strengthen this need in the public. And so, we establish these institutions where they don’t exist: galleries, theatres, reversal rooms, and stages: After roaming the country, the group members settled in Afula, and have been operating from it as their national center.