Pyramida Platform: Artistic Performances

Thursday July 19

  1. Dance “Swimming Inside Pyamida,” the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company.
    Nine dancers weave in and out of both the urban and intimate public space, while maintaining the integrity of body, movement, imagination and spirit. The company will fuse their existing repertoire within the new environment, creating fresh materials for the Opening Event as they join with artist Sally Crytal Kremberg.
    Dance Infusion: the company’s dancers present an event to the general public where interactive movement relies on imagination. It takes place in the Pyramida Amphi. Taking part: Almog Ben-Horin, Tomas Valskut, Ophir Yanai, Martha Louiza-Yankowska, Moran Miller, Amit Marciano, Zvi Fishzon and Joy Kamin.
    Where? the Talpiot Market and Pyramida.
    When? Thursday July 19 at 18:30, at the Talpiot Market, and at 19:30
    interactive movement event for the public in the Pyramida Amphi.


2. Premier of David Grossman’s new song “Yesh Matzav”
At the ceremony marking the Opening Event at Pyramida, Contemporary Art Center, there will be premier of Grossman’s new song “Yesh Matzav” which brings Grossman together with the artistic talents of the Dag-Nahash group, Yoni Rechter, Daniel Zamir, Barry Saharov, the YMCA Youth Choir, Galia Yaron and the artist Michal Rovener. Click here for additional details of the project and to see the song’s text.
When? Thursday July 19.
Where? Pyramida, Contemporary Art Center

3. Performance: Sally Kryszral kramberg, “Easy to tie difficult to unravel”
A performance piece that deals with memory of space, interpersonal relations and the tension between the private and the public.
It is easy for us to relate to people, objects and places, but this connection is very difficult to break even with distance and time changes.
It is very easy to complicate situations and interactions, but it is very difficult to resolve conflicts and straighten things out.
The piece was created especially for the space in 18 Yechiel Street, with reference to the past and present of the place.
In the center of the work / performance:
The blue pavement in one of the rooms that looks like a blue carpet embedded in the floor. The artist sits in one corner of the room behind a sewing machine and creates a reconstruction of the carpet tiles. The reconstruction is done by an embroidery on a dissolving fabric that in the end of prosses only a delicate and fragile lace will remain. Each time a tile is made, the artist disassembles it from its base, dissolves it and places it to dry in place on the original floor. Thus Slowly, creating a process of preservation, deleting of layers and connection with the place.
Where? The apartment at 18 Yehiel Street.
When? Thursday July 19 from 16:00 to 19:00 (at 18:00 there will be a joint performance with the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company)// Friday July 20 from 15:00 to 18:00. At the times when the artist is not performing, the work she has made can be viewed as it remains there.

Friday July 20

4.  The Great Gehenna Choir in a performance from the Talpiot Market to Pyramida.
The Great Gehenna Choir, a thrilling cooperative, will be coming to Haifa for the first time. It will present a vocal-performative odyssey which will assail the senses between the Carmel and the sea. The choir includes singers, composers and multi-disciplinary artistes. The choir’s presentations have been conceived of as public ceremonies, with songs on the cutting edge of the religious, the political and the surreal; evasive pan-religious songs. Since its inception in 2015, the choir has performed across the country in a plethora of events: the “Mekudeshet (“Sanctified”) Festival under the auspices of Jerusalem’s season of culture, the Tel Aviv Museum, Hansen House in Jerusalem, the Festival of Design in Jerusalem, and the Sheikh Abreik Festival, among many others.
Where? The performance will start at the Talpiot Market and end at Pyramida.
When? Friday July 20 at 18:30 at the Talpiot Market and from there going on to Pyramida.

  1. “The High Penalty Area”
    Sound Tour with composer and sound artist Amnon Wolman. The Sound Tour combines listening with activity, relating to the process of time as it is reflected in the various environments through which the tour passes. The route goes through the remains of a small village where the population was from a cultural and political minority that forms part of the big city. The village is bisected by a series of main roads which gives rise to ceaseless noise, without any convenient crossing places or the chance to transform it into an upscale neighborhood. Sound walking offers a voice that summons attentiveness and reflection and directs them to the present moment, to the people and the places in one is currently engaged. Does Sound Walking play a part in the perpetuation of the status quo that attempts to persuade the minority sector that inferiority is beneficial for it and serves it, or does it perhaps challenge that arrangement? Empathy is a very fluid concept, and it does not provide a sufficient answer when confronted by hatred and violence, but we have no other tools. Amnon Valman is a sound artist and  composer, teaches musical composition; his works have been played by soloists, ensembles, galleries and museums around the world.
    Where? The starting point is at Pyramida, Contemporary Art Center. To take part in this event you have to download the Sound file. Participants will be given a map in Pyramida and they have the option also of setting out on a personal, unguided tour with the Sound file.
    When? Friday July 20, the first tour is at 09:30 and the next tour at 17:30.

6. Daniel Davidowski and Shmil Frankel’s musical performance at the Railway Museum.

  1. The platform that launched Shmil Frankel (contrabass) and Daniel Davidowski (soprano saxophone) on their joint journey 15 years ago was the “Left Bank”. The prevailing atmosphere there was of a musical scene of great vitality and freedom, shedding stylistic labels. Sometimes bombastic, sometimes quiet, Daniel and Shmil’s music is created spontaneously, emerging out of an attentive dialog with sound.
    Where? The Railway Museum.
    When? Two performances on Friday July 20 at 10:30 and 12:30