What Is Pyramida Doing Here? A Group Exhibit at Pyramida Contemporary Art Center

The exhibit  “What Is Pyramida Doing Here?” pose questions that probe the role of artists, architects and museums. Is it their intention to mandate “a good life” devoid of memory and content, or do they rely on their ability to open up channels of memory and explore ever widening circles of identity and co-partnership. This exhibition addresses the issues of Utopia, Context, and Memory.

The exhibition opened On July 2018 within a multi-disciplinary art exhibit under the auspices of Pyramida Platform: From the Port of Haifa to Wadi Salib. 40 artists Take part in the exhibition, and among them Samah Shihadi, Nardin Sarugi, Waleed Kerackvi, Yaacov Hefetz, Ronit Shani, and others.

Among much else, it also includes an exhibition of International Graphic Art on the subject of Utopia, “The Art of Utopia”,courtesy of the Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv that invited 35 graphic designers from 20 countries to think about the subject via the genre of the poster, as this has long been one of the key means of mass communication and played a substantial role in these historical events.

Curator: Galia Bar Or, The exhibition runs till December 2018.

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Photographs from the exhibition: Orit Siman Tov