Winds of Change: cultural events // 15.12.18

Thanks to all the participants in the event winds of change that took place on 15.12.18







On Saturday 15.12.18, Pyramida will hold art, design, and cultural events surrounding the notion of change or the possibility of change. All events are open to the public free of charge.


10:00-15:00 Open Studio
The Pyramida artists will open their studios to the public, exhibit their works and hold art talks. participants: David Behar-Perahia, Gabi Ben Haim, Hamody Gannam,  Israel Wertman, Michael Halak, Nitzan Satt, Orit Siman-Tov, Poli Blum, Samach Shahada, Yaakov Hefetz, Yael Balaban, Yuval Feiglin.

Michael Halak

11:00-13:00 Artezachen
A workshop for families by the artist Guy Kaplan (artezachen), who breaths a new life into discarded objects. The participants will bring domestic objects that are no longer in use and with the artist’s guidance – repurpose them and give them a new life. Since the number of participants is limited, we recommend to register in advance by email to


12:00 Gallery Talk
Gallery talk in the exhibition What Is Pyramida Doing Here? moderated by curator Galia Bar Or.

the exhibition What Is Pyramida Doing Here


13:00-16:00 Designing Change

Liron Lavi Turkenich, inventor of the font ARAVRIT, will present a hybrid language that unites Arabic and Hebrew in a project that was born in Haifa and went on to receive international acclaim + a popup store with products designed in the font ARAVRIT.

Fashion designer Hanna hamam will present the relationship between fashion, ethnic minorities, cultural appropriation and the possibility to rebel from within.

In the performance SMG, visual and tattoo artist elizabeth kroglov will tattoo herself in real time while talking about the needs of her generation.

elizabeth kroglov. photo by Amit Arad

16:00 City Square: What is Your Vision for Haifa?
A fast-paced event in which Haifaite activists will present their vision for Haifa in the style of Hyde Park. The public is invited to respond to the ideas in real time and present their own vision in brief. The event will also feature the members of Tav group, architects of the renewed Pyramida, in a performance that asks “What else can happen?”

17:00 Speed Dating
One-on-one coffee with cultural and business leaders in Haifa. A one-time opportunity to present/pitch ideas, thoughts and initiatives. With curators Galia Bar Or (Pyramida), Sveta Reingold (Haifa Museum) and Inbar Dror Lax (City Museum),Ben Riftin (SoLow), David Gottesmann (Pardes Publishing) and Shai Ilan (News editor, Colbo). Advance registration is needed by email to

from left to right: Sveta Reingold, Galia Bar Or, Inbar Dror Lax, Shai Ilan, David Gottesmann and Ben Riftin

An all Haifaite music video clips screening!
Featured Rasha Nahas, Gunned Down Horses, Pelephone Anak and others.

18:00 The Future is Here
Dubi Haiyun
, Haifa deputy mayor and cultural portfolio holder, will talk about winds of change, in the presence of senior deputy mayor Nakhshon Tsouk – an open talk with the public about Haifa’s cultural sphere.

19:30 “With the Book Between my Legs”
Poetry reading/event and pop up exhibition

Essence, shlomit schatzmay